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Offer private consultations within your pharmacy

We offer access to our teams of doctors working remotely to provide private consultations within your pharmacy.

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With seamless integration

Pharmacy is perfectly integrated with our Talk to a Doctor app, meaning your customers will be using our cutting edge technology, guaranteed to provide the best service possible, every time.

Fast and easy prescriptions within your Pharmacy

When you sign up with us, we add you to the network of pharmacies displayed on our Talk to a Doctor App. This list can be accessed by all App customers and lets them know where they can go for private consultations or to pick up their prescriptions.

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Allow your customers to see a doctor within minutes, not weeks. No more waiting times for customers and keeping them in your pharmacy means you can sooner sell your products.

Pay as you go.

Talk to a Doctor Pharmacy allows you to purchase only what you need in advance instantly online, at any time of day. This means no nasty bills or surprises at the end of the month.

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